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Date Night Disco Join New Motion Records

Date Night Disco, the Leicester (UK) based Synth Rock 5 piece band who have recently released their debut 5 track EP “Every Chance We Get”, have signed a Joint Venture Agreement with UK based recording label New Motion Records.
Date Night Disco are an exciting band who have quickly established themselves on the midlands rock music scene after a successful headline EP launch show at the O2 Academy in Leicester in late April, as well as an appearance at the Glastonbudget festival in Wymeswold.
The band will join Electrock band Centre Excuse as only the second band to work with the label. New Motion Records are an independent label working to discover, develop and market an emerging breed of underground Synth-driven, Pop, Rock and Electro bands that are creating a vibrant new scene in UK music.
Look out for more from Date Night Disco in the coming months as they gear up for more shows around the country and possibly beyond.
Here’s the latest press review of Date Night Disco’s debut EP “Every Chance We Get”…
“Despite what the band’s name might suggest, this isn’t dance music but five very solid examples of synth and guitar FM rock with big surging melodies, power chords and choruses that take their cue from the likes of Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Journey as well as more recent names such as Young Guns and Alter Bridge. Featuring the distinctive tones of singer Stuart James, of the five numbers, the urgent and energetic Take My Hand and I Won’t Regret stand out as the most immediate while the gradually building five minute Hope shows their epic aspirations. – Mike Davies, Brum Beat
Date Night Disco consists of:
Stuart James: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Gary Yeates: Lead Guitar
Nick Bedford: Keyboards & Synth
Dan Farnell: Drums
Mikey Yeates: Bass


Media Contact –

Ed Lewis joins New Motion Records on secondment

Following the recent Joint Venture (JV) signing with Centre Excuse, as from 1st December 2010 Ed Lewis the groups manager will join New Motion Records on secondment for the duration of the agreement, responsible for the role of PR, Press & Media Manager for the Label.

New Motion Records Managing Director Graham Warby said;

‘Ed brings a huge wealth of experience, knowledge and business management skills to the label. From his time in the 80’s when he was heavily involved in both the music industry and what was then a new fledgling computer games industry, through to his 20+ years in senior management with global corporate organisations such as Sharp Electronics and British Telecom. We welcome him to the team and look forward to a productive and exciting time ahead.’

Ed Lewis commented;

‘I’m thrilled to be joining Graham and the New Motion Records team. Graham has shared with me the new acts that will be potentially joining the New Motion stable over the next 6-9months and the plans for 2011 and beyond. I’ve got to say I’m really impressed and excited about the future and that I’m fortunate enough to be a part of it’

When asked will this be a conflict of interest with also being Centre Excuses manager, he said.

‘No, far from it, ultimately both New Motion and I want the same result, Centre Excuse to be a global success & house hold name. As part of the JV all major decisions (regarding CE) have to be agreed with me as the bands representative, so really this just enables us to all work even closer together and be far more effective. I also believe that my management and communication skills we be of benefit to the other acts about to join and I will give a 100% to the role of PR, Press & Media Manager.

Ed’s first duty will to be to work on Centre Excuses debut single & video release Last 3 Days, due to launch on the 21st Feb 2011. Ed will also be representing the Label with Graham Warby at the MIDEM music industry event during January in Cannes France.

For any further information please contact Graham, or 08450 678 008

New Motion Records makes it’s first signing – Centre Excuse

New Motion Records announce the labels first signing, Centre Excuse a young three piece who’s music is described as a contemporary 80’s style catchy synth pop fused with the energy and passion of punk rock.

The label has created a landmark deal for such a young and new unsigned band. Together with Centre Excuse they have formed a Joint Venture (JV) covering 5 albums worth of material.

New Motion Records Managing Director Graham Warby said the following;

“I wanted to set-up a new independent label for some time, but I’ve been searching for that very special first act that you need to create the right platform to establish the label. So, I’m sure you could imagine my surprise that after watching new acts across the country, I found Centre Excuse literally on my own door step. After hearing the guys play catchy original numbers with such energy and passion at the Riverside festival in Stamford back in July, I immediately knew that they are the band I’d been looking for. What’s so incredible is that they are the complete package already, with an albums worth of great original material, they look good and they’re a young band with the lead singer and drummer only 15 and the guitarist 18. Yet their material particularly the lyrics are so mature and the songs are really great with strong melodies and driving rhythms. If this is what the guys can do now, I just can’t wait to hear what they are going to produce over the next couple of years, without any doubt they are going to be internationally big!”

Upon signing the agreement on behalf of Centre Excuse their manager Ed Lewis said,

“Graham and his team have been enthusiastic about the band since first seeing them play and kindly financed the recording of an initial 6 track demo with no strings attached. Since then we have built a good trusting relationship over the last few months and the label has proven with the JV that they are willing to take a long term view of the bands career while also being extremely accommodating by including us in all the key decision making and planning. We‘re looking forward to working together of what promises to be an exciting time for all.”

Centre Excuse will now be working with Producer Lester Woodward (Young Guns/50cent) to record their first album. The bands first single release is scheduled for 31st of January 2011, followed by two further single releases before the album, currently penciled in for an end of July 2011 launch.

Centre Excuse are;

Teddy Lewis – Lead vocals, Keyboards and programming

Jamie Rush – Backing Vocals and guitar

Alex Rush – Drums

For any further information please contact Graham, or 08450 678 008